Update on Iowa School Report Card ratings

Message from the Superintendent

Update on Iowa School Report Card ratings

The Iowa School Report Card ( is a web-based rating system to show how each public school is performing on certain educational measures. Schools receive a score for eight individual indicators, and those scores are combined into an overall score. Based on the overall score, one of the following ratings is assigned to each school: Exceptional, High-Performing, Commendable, Acceptable, Needs Improvement, and Priority. The Iowa School Report Card is designed to enhance local conversations about school strengths and challenges.

The Iowa Department of Education developed the system in response to a 2013 legislative requirement (House File 215) and it includes information on some measures of achievement, including student proficiency rates in math and reading, student academic growth, narrowing achievement gaps among students, college and career readiness, student attendance, graduation rates, and staff retention. (For a complete list of indicators and their definitions, visit the Iowa School Report Card Quick Guide.) It’s also important to note that much of the information in the report card system comes from a single measure, on one day of the school year. Teachers and administrators here at West Fork CSD use many measures, some much deeper and more meaningful, to tell us about student learning. Just like when you go to the doctor, one test wouldn’t tell you everything about your health, the same applies here. The Iowa Assessments don’t tell the whole story about the health of a school system.

As a school district, we have some celebrations in the Iowa School Report Card ratings. Among those are strong attendance, graduation rates, staff retention, and student proficiency in reading and math.

We also have some areas for growth. We are not making large enough gains in reducing the achievement gap between our struggling learners (those with special needs, those for whom English is a second language, or those who may be living in poverty) and their peers without those challenges. We need to ensure that every student graduates ready for success in college or a career…and we aren’t there yet.

As leaders, we have a great admiration and respect for the staff serving your children. Collectively, they work hard every day to provide your child with the highest quality education possible. As a staff, we have met and discussed the results of this year’s report card and identified actions we will take to ensure that our results continue to improve. Among those are restructuring the MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) intervention work taking place in the high school and maintaining the continued emphasis on weekly professional development relating to the Iowa Core Curriculum and how it is  instructed  and assessed.  In addition, the continued work with helping students understand the importance of the MTSS time as well as the importance of the pride they place on their individual Iowa Assessment Score.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions related to this information.

Yours in Education,

Tracy Peterson- Grade 2-8 Principal

Clyde Tarrence-Grade K-1 & 9-12 Principal

Darrin Strike, Superintendent