Announcements – January 10, 2018 – Day B

Today’s Lunch Menu: Shrimp, Mashed potatoes, Corn, Applesauce, Milk

Tomorrow’s Breakfast:  Cereal/toast, or Yogurt/muffin, Fruit, Milk

Tomorrow”s Lunch:  BBQ rib/bun, Baked beans, Chips, Pineapple, Milk

1. Reminder:  If you are entering or leaving the building during the scheduled school day, you are required to stop in the office and sign in and out.  This does include seniors.

2. If a student is absent, the parent is asked to notify the office.  The school phone system is setup to take messages 24 hours a day (for calls before and after the office is open).  Upon returning to school after being absent from the building, the student is required to check in with the office.  Before leaving for any reason during the school day, the student is required to check in with the office prior to leaving the building.  If the school has not been notified and the student is absent the school will attempt to notify the parents or guardian.

3.  Senior Parents night has been moved to February 2nd.
4.  All seniors must schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Parker to review their transcripts and graduation requirements before winter break.  Please use the following link to schedule an appointment.

If students would like to change their schedules for 2nd-semester classes they should make an appointment with Mrs. Parker before winter break. Please use the following link to schedule an appointment.

5. *Semester Tests Week will occur after Holiday Break from January 8-12..  

*Each teacher will give either a semester test or project.  

*Students will only be allowed to take 3 tests in a day.  

*Semester Tests will be January 8,9,10,11,12 with built-in make-up days/snow days

*During the week it will be up to the teacher if student wishes to take test on another day

*Each testing/class time will be our normal 85 minute block.

*If you are going to be absent make arrangement with your teachers

*January 12th End of 1st Semester

6.  No School – Monday, January 15th.

7.  Turn in your NIACC books ASAP!!!

8.  State Dance Team orders are ready to be picked up in the media center.

9.  Seniors, please stop in the office and pick up your baby/senior pictures.  Also, there are several seniors that still need to turn in senior pictures:  Thomas Nuehring, Cody O’Donnell, Alax Starbuck, Conner, Austin Larson, Trinity Lumley, Zach Laudner, Ian Gonzalez, Chase Barker

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