Announcements – March 23, 2018 – Day B

Today’s Lunch Menu:  Bosco stick, Baked beans, Chips, Pears, Milk

Monday’s Breakfast:  Cereal/toast or Mini pancakes, Fruit, Milk

Monday’s Lunch:  Popcorn chicken, Mashed potatoes, Peas, Mandarin oranges, Milk

  •   Congrats to the members of the 2018-2019 West Fork Dance Team!  

Lauren Trewin, McKenna Weaver, Alexis Kuhns, Hannah Lowe, Sydney Nuehring, Keanna Peterson, Nashaun Bryant, Alison Rice, Tiyana Rogers, Ellie hanson, Megan McGuire, Jordan Swenson, Cheyla Weaver,  Emma McKee, CiCi Sullivan, Jayden Meyer, Kacie Eisentrager, Kalli Trewin and Mya Braun!

  • The City of Sheffield is now accepting applications for 2018 lifeguards and manager.  Applications can be picked up at City Hall or downloaded from  They are due to City Hall by Thursday April 5th.

  • Boys basketball banquet will be April 3 at 6:00pm in the Sheffield multi-purpose room.  All families are invited to attend.  Each family is asked to bring a main dish and their own table service.  Also, seniors and freshman bring a dessert, juniors a salad, and sophomores a gallon of white or chocolate milk.

  • SUMMER JOB OPPORTUNITY:   There is a summer job opening at the Clear Lake State Park.  The position is titled “Recreational Park Aide”.  A recreation park aide is responsible for helping to maintain the park, put up reservations, answering questions and assisting campers, some accounting work, and some patrolling duties.  Applicants must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.  Starting pay around $11.00/hr.  This is for a full time 40/week position.  If interested please call Josh Rembe at 641-357-4212 (office) or 641-425-6975 (cell).

  • Play Rehearsal tonight at 6:30 pm for cast for Pink book. 

  • The link for the West Fork scholarship website can now be found on the West Fork CSD web page under the Students & Parents tab.  Many of the deadlines for these scholarships are fast approaching.  Please start reviewing your scholarship options today.
  • Friday, March 23rd is the end of 3rd quarter.  Parent teacher conferences are March 27 & March 29.

  • Eligibility check will be Friday, March 23rd at 4:00 pm.  If a student is on the ineligibility list they are ineligible for all events the following week.  If they are not passing at the of the week, they still stay ineligible till they are passing.

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