Tuesday, April 5th, Day 3

Hello Warhawks!

Today is Tuesday, April 5th, Day 3

2021-2022 Academic Calendar – Apr22 (1)

April Menu



Lunch-  BBQ Pork/ Bun, Broccoli, Pineapple. 


Breakfast- Cereal Or Poptart, Muffin, Fruit.

Lunch- Grilled Cheese, Corn, Peaches. 


Preschool Registration

3 Year Preschool-


4 Year Preschool-



Upcoming Dates:

4/6 Early Dismissal

Fellowship Games

4/7 Clover Kids 

4/13 Early Dismissal

4/15 No School 

4/18 No School (PD Day)

4/20 Early Dismissal

Fellowship Games

4/21 Kids in the kitchen

4/27 Early Dismissal

5/10: 4/5 concert, including band

5/12: 2/3 concert

5/17: PreKindergarten, K, 1 concert


Sports/ Activities:

Gym Sign Up:

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