Tuesday, November 3rd Day 3

Hello Warhawks!

Today is Tuesday, November 3rd

Reminder to parents. Please call at least 45 min before the end of the school day with your child’s after school plans. This will ensure we get your child safely to the desired destination. 

Day 3



Lunch-Chicken Patty/ Bun, Carrots, Pears.



Breakfast- Cereal/ Toast Or Egg Patty

Lunch: Walking Tacos w/Fixings, refried beans, apple sauce, chips.



-Conferences Start today at 4 p.m. School will be dismissed at 1:00 p.m. today and Thursday. There will be no school on Friday, November 7th. 


-LifeTouch has been contacted regarding picture mistakes. Please contact Sam in the office if needing help with a complaint. 


-A reminder that with temperatures dropping students need to bring hats, gloves, and coats. 


-Tomorrow is a late start. School will begin at 11:15 AM. The Before School program starts at 7:30 AM.


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