• Creativity
    Incorporates curiosity and innovation to generate new or original thoughts, interpretations, products, works, or techniques.
  • Critical Thinking
    Critical Thinking
    The ability to access and analyze key information to develop solutions to complex problems.
  • Complex Communication
    Complex Communication
    Successful sharing of information through multiple means including visual, digital, verbal, and nonverbal interactions.
  • Collaboration
    Working among and across personal and global networks to achieve common goals. It requires cultural competence and personal and civic responsibilities in all environments which requires open approaches to leadership.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability
    Flexibility & Adaptability
    Includes responding and adjusting to situational needs and changing to meet the challenges of new roles, paradigms, and environments. The thoughtful balance between an individual's core beliefs and appropriate reaction to change.
  • Productivity & Accountability
    Productivity & Accountability
    Prioritizing , planning , and applying knowledge and skills to make decisions that create quality results. Skills to make decisions that create quality results through efficient time management, personal integrity and self- monitoring.

Our Mission

The West Fork Community School District is dedicated to creating successful learners, citizens, and leaders.