Wednesday, October 20th

Hello Warhawks!

Today is Wednesday, October 20th, Day 5  

October Menu

2021-2022 Academic Calendar – Oct21


Lunch- Walking Tacos/ Fixings, Refried Beans, Applesauce.


Breakfast- Cereal OR Cinnamon Roll, Fruit.

Lunch: Chili, Cottage Cheese, Peaches, Cinnamon Roll.


Oct. 18-25 Elementary Conference Signup Open

Oct. 22 is the end of quarter 1.

Oct. 25-29 is Red Ribbon Week

Nov. 1st & 4th Conferences from 4-8

Nov. 5th No School

Sports/ Activities:

Oct 20. Fellowship Games 5:30 PM

Oct 21. Kids in the Kitchen Camp- Clover Kids 3:15- 4:15 ( please send permission to go now with student)

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