Announcements – January 18, 2018 – Day A

Today’s Lunch Menu:  Walking taco, Green beans, Strawberries/banana, Milk

Tomorrow’s Breakfast:  Cereal/toast, Breakfast sandwich Fruit, Milk

Tomorrow”s Lunch: Chicken patty/bun, FF, Cooked carrots, Pears, Milk

1. Reminder:  If you are entering or leaving the building during the scheduled school day, you are required to stop in the office and sign in and out.  This does include seniors.

2. If a student is absent, the parent is asked to notify the office.  The school phone system is setup to take messages 24 hours a day (for calls before and after the office is open).  Upon returning to school after being absent from the building, the student is required to check in with the office.  Before leaving for any reason during the school day, the student is required to check in with the office prior to leaving the building.  If the school has not been notified and the student is absent the school will attempt to notify the parents or guardian.

3.  Senior Parents night has been moved to February 2nd.

4.  Seniors, please stop in the office and pick up your baby/senior pictures.  Also, there are several seniors that still need to turn in senior pictures:  Alax Starbuck, Trinity Lumley, Zach Laudner, Ian Gonzalez, Chase Barker

5. If you would like a paper copy of your second semester schedule, you can pick one up in the office.

6.  Congratulations to Collin Meints on being recognized as an academic all state recipient.  Very proud of the guys that get it done on the field and in the classrooom.

7.  Saturday, January 20th –  Speech students will load in Rockwell at 8:00 am and Sheffield at 8:15.

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