What is happening on Capitol Hill

March 5, 2021

What is happening on Capitol Hill and how it can Impact West Fork Schools

There is a study bill that will have a significant impact on West Fork Schools. We are anticipating this bill to move quickly starting on Monday. So it is important that you reach out to those representing you and all of West Fork Schools sooner, rather than later. The thing I have noticed in the short time I have been here is the support the school gets from the community. You can show that support again by contacting your legislators and visiting with them about the negative impact this bill would have on our school. Many are considering this bill an assault on public education.

SSB 1065 (State Study Bill 1065) Student First Scholarship Program-Please let your legislators know how this bill is bad for Public Education, some would say an assault on public education. Public Education needs to be the priority and if they do not have the money to adequately fund public education, then why would they think there is money available to fund Private Education. If this “voucher” bill were to pass, it would have a devastating impact on Public Education affecting all of our students at West Fork. Please reach out to our elected officials and let them know how important this is for your child that our legislators DO NOT SUPPORT SSB 1065.

Public dollars need to stay with public schools. The private schools (and charter schools) are not held to the same standards or accountability. Public schools are open to all students and private/charter schools are not. If you do contact your legislators, please also mention the importance of adequately funding schools and setting the SSA higher than they have in past years.

If legislators hear from enough people, it will make a difference. Many times the legislators only hear from those that are supporting this bill, therefore their perspective is that most people support this bill. The fact is that 94% of Iowa students attend public schools. Our legislators need to hear from an overwhelming number of people reminding them that public funding needs to be public schools.

Here’s what you can do: Find the Senator or Representative that represents you and please contact them. Encourage them to NOT support the Student First Scholarship Program and to adequately fund schools by increasing the Supplemental State Aid.